Lear Jet 45
Lear Jet  45 Twin-turbofan mid-size  business jet
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IN  1992, Bombardier embarked on the creation of the all-new Learjet 45. Combining the significant strengths of the units that comprise Bombardier Aerospace, this aircraft represents the most advanced technology and the most carefully considered design features ever incorporated into a light-to-medium business jet.

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Scale Lear Jet 45

Wooden  Airplane  Hand-crafted
     King wood Mahogany






Lear Jet 45
This model is composed of 4  easily-assembled movable pieces which includes the fuselage, the wings, the tail assembly to which the model�s wings and base are attached.
The wood used in the fabrication, known as King Mahogany, is not painted in the finishing phase so the natural beauty of the wood�s grain adds distinction to the hand-crafted model..

The windshield angle of the aircraft and the passenger windows are conform to the aeronautical manufacturer. Transparent resin is used and the resemblance with the original aircraft is uncanny.

The position of the movable parts, wings, tail assembly, stabilizers, and depth of the rudder are engraved exactly as the original aircraft and conform to the aviator�s plan.


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