Opportunity for Retailer

Presently, the opportunity to become a retail outlet for our product is offered only to North America enterprises. Previewed for springtime 2005, our products will be available in Europe.

Our company is actively researching new retail sales locations ideally situated in airport boutiques.

Boutiques representing and associating with our products will benefit from a special offer. A pre-determined trial period permits boutiques the time to introduce our exclusive products to your clients and build sales.

The products we offer regroup a variety of the best-known and appreciated models, aviation classics including the DC-3, the Catalina PBY, the Super Constellation as well as the light touring airplanes, C-185 on floats and the C-206. The major airline model favourites, the Concorde, the B-747-400 and the A-340 plus WW I and WW II models complete the collection.

A unique chance for your boutique, high-quality exclusive products, no monetary risk, we guaranty your success!
Our company manufactures and distributes the models and if you are interested please retailer application form.

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